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Something to consider-Flint and lead.

Flint, Michigan. January 2016.

The marking of the year and month when many were stunned, and  some horrified to learn, without doubt, that approximately 100,000 people in Flint, Michigan had been drinking, bathing, and cooking with water contaminated with lead.

Flint demographics suggest there are approximately…

… 8,200 children under 5 years old now at risk of lead poisoning as a result of drinking water in the City of Flint.

… 23,000-24,000 young people under the age of 18 at risk for lead toxicity.

… 20,000 females in child bearing years at risk of passing on dangerous effects of lead tainted water to their unborn children.

Is there concern for the other residents? You better believe it! No amount of lead is safe for anybody!

The CDC revised their guidelines and advised in 2012 that any child with more than 5 micrograms per deciliter of lead in their blood be considered at risk. The risk? Adverse health effects in behavior, attention, academic achievement, and extending ‘beyond cognitive function to include cardiovascular, immunological, and endocrine effects.’

Am I the only one wanting to scream, “GET THE LEAD OUT!”?

While government determines  accountability and ensuring non-tainted water access continues,  decreasing the amount of lead and the effects of lead toxicity is critical, especially for the children!

No time should be wasted in decreasing lead’s looming and harmful effects.

While there are hopefully existing efforts to decrease the blood lead levels in Flint’s residents, and reduce lead’s effects, there are noteworthy nutritional changes that may help any body excrete lead. Nutritional intervention hasn’t produced enough evidence for all scientists, but there has been considerable progress. Even the CDC encourages nutritional recommendations for children with elevated blood lead levels.

I AM NOT A DOCTOR. ( Always consult with your doctor!)



I am concerned about getting the lead out!

Lead not absorbed by the body is excreted through feces, urine, and sweat (lead excretion takes place in similar concentration levels in urine and in sweat).

Chelation therapy, a medically supervised intervention, draws metals out of the body so they are excreted. It has been considered the primary treatment method, particularly for individuals with dangerously high blood lead levels.

Yet, research is rising about natural chelators that are more gentle in drawing metals out of the body.

Known natural chelators of lead are …

vitamin C, vitamin E, thiamine (B1),  folate (B9) and iron .

How do we access those natural chelators?

If you answered food and vitamin supplements you are correct!

Did you know?

Most children’s  vitamins contain the above listed natural chelators of lead in their ingredients!

Could it be said that children who take a daily multi-vitamin have a better chance of drawing lead out of their body and excreting lead, than children who don’t take a daily multi-vitamin?


Foods containing the highest levels of these vitamins include:

Guavas, kiwi, strawberries and oranges (Vitamin C).

Sunflower seeds, almonds, and dark green leafy vegetables such as spinach, collards, and swiss chard (Vitamin E).

Sunflower seeds, navy and black beans, lentils and peas (B1-Thiamin).

Lentils, beans, spinach and broccoli (Vitamin B9).

Beef or chicken livers, clams, oysters, and enriched breakfast cereals (Iron).

(There are plenty other foods high in vitamins C, E, thiamin, folate, and iron.)

Other foods and spices considered  to be natural chelators include: onions, garlic, turmeric, cinnamon, apple cider vinegar and cilantro.

Cilantro, also known as coriander and chinese parsley, has been involved in double blind placebo studies, showing phenomenal lead excretion results when combined with Chlorella, a fresh water algae. Some suggest the simple habit of adding cilantro leaves into a tossed salad helps decrease lead toxicity.

One study produced somewhat discouraging results for researchers when the cilantro (used alone) and the placebo showed similar lead excretion results in urine– attributed to  benefits of a better diet.

Remembering that no blood levels of lead are good for anyone, could it be said that children who eat meals high in natural chelators have an advantage toward drawing out and excreting lead over children who don’t eat foods known to chelate lead? Could the same be said for adults?

Could education about, access to, and consumption of more foods and meals that naturally chelate lead make a difference for people with lead in their blood?


How would we know if this works?


The CDC recommends follow up testing on children under 5 years of age in intervals of every three to four months if they test positive for lead in their blood.

An initial blood screening and follow up screenings will help determine if eating meals involving natural chelators plus taking a daily multi-vitamin with known lead chelators makes a difference for countless children, especially those in Flint.

(Since one medically supervised chelation therapy study was followed for four years, a lifestyle change of this sort would best be examined with at least a decade of study. Of course no one would suggest a placebo group for ethical reasons, so historical cases of past interventions would have to suffice in comparison.)

For many reasons, medically supervised chelation therapy is usually reserved for people with dangerously high levels of lead in their blood. No blood level of lead is safe for a child under 5yrs of age.

On the other hand, a meal of a tossed salad with cilantro, black beans, tomatoes, and chicken, served with a kiwi and strawberry fruit salad on the side contains 7 food elements known to be high in vitamins that chelate lead and could be eaten by anyone, of any age, regardless of their blood lead level.

A bran cereal breakfast also served with a cup of orange juice contains a generous amount of three to five vitamins known as lead chelators and a dinner of beans and rice served with orange juice does too!

Only the highest lead levels are targeted for treatment, therefore, many children endure the harsh effects of lead without treatment. Lead stored in the body causes damage. In adults, lead can cause high blood pressure.

What if food choices and vitamins that naturally chelate lead slowly and consistently draw out lead and help promote its excretion? Could this slow some of the damage from lead?

Whatever is done, Flint’s children will need comprehensive and supportive systems for many years to come as their bodies adjust to the effects of toxic water.

For the sake of our future generations, I pray government and citizenry alike do all we can and get the lead out!

IMPORTANT: As always, everyone should consult their doctor BEFORE making any diet or supplement changes for themselves or for their child.


neices and nephews1web1
~The silhouettes of a few of my nieces and nephews. I sit in their midst with the biggest smile! Children color our world!~



Mister, You messed with the wrong Grandma. Now, STOP IT!

It is with great delight that I present a spunky guest to my blog.  Print this out! Grab a cup of coffee or tea! Share this! Once you read it, you’ll know with whom to share it! Please spread the word and share online too! Enjoy!


Today has been a very interesting day to say the least.   I have had to pray several times for God to give me a forgiving heart.  I know he does but I also feel something has to be done about this problem.



At 11:21a.m. January 14, 2014 I received the following call;

I answered and someone on the line said he was my grandson… and not recognizing his voice I said “ who is this?”  The person on the phone said it’s your grandson.  I questioned who it was an additional two times pretending not to hear well.  He finally said it’s your oldest grandson  (note he never gave a name which in itself was suspicious)  So I volunteered “Is this Peter?”

And (as in the night before Christmas ) much to my surprise he answered “Yes, Grandma; this is Peter.”  (Only one problem I don’t have a grandson, son, distant relative or a neighbor named Peter.)   Needless to say I knew it was a scam coming.    Did I hang up  “No!” I had one of those moments……Lets get all the information we can in order to report this to someone who will do something about it. (Wow, I’m still trying to find that someone.)  As our conversation continued  grandson Peter said he was in Santiago to attend a funeral of his best friend,  who was there visiting his ex-wife’s family and had died.  They were burying him there (for whatever reason).  Grandson Peter had rented a car and had an accident, the airbag exploded and fractured his nose.  The real problem was he needed $1,940.00 to pay for the repair of the rental car so he could come home (what happened to airline ticket) (dump the car).  

Where was he?  His answer: the American Embassy.   He requested that I talk to Officer Chad Tanner or Tonner who would tell me what to do to pay the money he owed.  To make a long story short…..He told me to get cash only unless I was willing to use my debit card  (credit cards can be stopped) take the cash to Walmart or CVS drugstore and send it to the address he gave me.  And he spelled it out.  He said Peter was with the Nurse (didn’t know embassy had nurses) and he had not quite filled out the paper work so could I give him Peters’ full name.  I replied that his last name was the same as mine (this was when I learned he not only had my phone number but knew my last name) He replied  “ its Peter Scammer [I changed Grandma’s last name for protection] ?” Of course my reply was “un hun”.

After I received all the information he wanted to give I told him I was leaving for the bank and it would take me about 10 minutes.  And yes he called back almost every 30 minutes from 11:43a.m until 3:07p.m. (probably) to help me make the right wire transfer.  Of course I was busy that same time calling all of the following people.

Indiana Attorney General’s Office……I didn’t have a phone number nor did I send the money so there was nothing they could do.  They referred me to the Federal Trade Commission.

I called the Federal Trade Commission……They tell you up front that they do not act on individual complaints however they will take the information to enter into their data base and would like for you to participate in a survey

I also called Walmart to see if they were aware that someone was using them to accomplish a scam.  My call was not completed and I shall try again.

I will also try to contact CVS for the same reason.

I did contact the Indianapolis police department and they also said there wasn’t much they could do since I didn’t send the money but they did take note that I had been called.

There are a lot of causes I shake my head over and voice my opinion about but I usually take no action.  However it seems that few places take seniors seriously; they think we live off the government and seemly we have very simple issues.  Not true.  We are tax payers; and yes, even though we’ve paid dearly when working , if we receive Medicare we pay for it also.  (Without Medicare B very little is paid so check out what Medicare B costs.)

We don’t complain often but everyone is entitled to protection.  When we get to the age where we don’t hear quite as well and are a little slow on understanding and movement it doesn’t give those who are too lazy to work [permission] to take advantage of us.

So many of us don’t go out and don’t get information too readily but the more that is out there the better the possibility for us to hear and know.  The stores involved , the media, and our government at all levels need to do more to get the word out.   Need some idea on how to do this ask me I can help. —————–  THE END  ————————–

As many know, criminal activity (on the phone, in person, internet) is on the rise for many reasons. Help spread the word about scams to keep our friends and family safe.  Please do not assume people know what is happening. It is better to tell them and be told they already knew rather than to help wipe their tears or anger away. Be safe! And to those who scam: STOP IT! Truth IS always revealed.

A Perfect “Lousy” Gift!

Imagine this:

YOU GET an unexpected gift.

** What do you do? What do you say?

** Do you value it? Do you think little of it because it cost YOU nothing?

**What if you like it? What if you don’t like it?

**What if you don’t want it? What if you treasure it?

**What if you aren’t ready for it? What if you are ready for it and you know it is something others have been praying for?

**Does the gift, any gift, make you feel loved (it is your love language)? What if gifts don’t mean much to you?

But, nonetheless, YOU HAVE BEEN GIVEN A GIFT. How do you react, and what do you say and do?


YOU GIVE an expected or unexpected gift.

**You stretch out your hands and place your gift in the receiver’s hands and they don’t even say, “Thank you.”

** You give a gift and the person thanks you and tell you how much they appreciate it!

**You give someone a gift and the person walks away from it as if it is nothing.

**You give someone a gift and you see it is not cared for. It is misused, broken, or never used or appreciated.

**You give a gift and the light in the person’s eyes makes your sacrifice of time, money, and resources worth it and more!

**You give a gift and learn it is given away to someone else.

But, nonetheless, YOU HAVE GIVEN A GIFT.  Do you give a gift with expectations, or do you give expecting nothing, not even expecting a “Thank you” in return?


I have been told I am a great giver. I don’t know about great, but that is what I have been told. All I do is reflect on the person or family and think about what is important to them– hopes, dreams, challenges, needs, what they have said, and what has made their eyes sparkle. I can’t say I give the correct gift 100% of the time because it is a process of learning the gift recipient and I am sure someone could rise and say I got it wrong. But, the feedback is that I get it right, many times.

Through it all, I’ve also learned NOT to give a gift ( a tangible, wrapped gift).

Once, it was on my heart to extend a token of appreciation to a group. It was a big group! And, I was broke! People didn’t know my financial state and I didn’t care to explain it or use it as excuse not to extend something to them. I was determined to find something to let them know I was thinking about them.

I do believe gifts should cost us something, but I do not believe it is necessary or wise to go into deep debt every time we give a gift. My situation at the time was that I was stretched to the limit! Beyond limit! So I searched for options and found something that was cute and useful– a little box that could hold trinkets or personal items for one’s desk or home! Perfect!

I was delighted as I passed out the little boxes and said, “It is just a little something….”  For some of us, giving a gift feels like dishing out love! And this proved the perfect balance for me—take care of my personal obligations (bills and food) and express appreciation for others! Perfect balance! Perfect gift!

Or, so I thought, until…

I overheard someone belittle what I had given. And the boastful and proud pronouncement of their distaste with my selection and effort caught me off guard. My feelings hurt briefly until I realized I had given my best. And then I thought…




The answer came to me.

We all do.

God gives us gifts each day. And we forget to say, “Thank you!”

We give gifts to each other and sometimes they aren’t seen as gifts, or seen as gifts and are not appreciated or liked or wanted.

The truth is: A gift is someone stopping for a moment or moments in the course of their life to extend something to YOU! No matter whether you like it or not! Think of kindness; it is a most beautiful gift! Don’t we all hope for more of that?!

How we receive gifts, and how we give gifts tells people about us– our thoughtfulness, thankfulness, expectations, and more!  And how we give gifts and receive gifts affects our RELATIONSHIPS!

How did you feel about the relationship with someone when they did not say thank you for a gift you sacrificed your time, money, or resources to give them? There are many more examples of how gifts affect relationships. I’m sure you can name a few!


IF YOU WANT TO GIVE A GOOD GIFT: Take note of what people say in everyday conversation, or ASK your loved ones and friends what they want and what makes them feel loved and appreciated. That is how you give a good gift to them.

IF YOU ARE SURROUNDED BY PEOPLE WHO HAVEN’T FIGURED OUT WHAT A GOOD GIFT IS TO YOU: When they ask what you want, or when there is a convenient time, TELL the people in your life what you want and what makes you feel love and appreciated. That helps them give a good gift to you. (We have to remember finances when we communicate wants!)

Let’s cease the hope of good mind readers in our life and simply communicate with spoken words!

Gifts are NOT guaranteed.  It is wise to be thankful for them! We HOPE our gifts are received with thankful hearts, but ask God about that. Soon many will celebrate the greatest gift to mankind, and many still reject him—the Savior of the world, born as a child, Jesus Christ.

With the year winding down, I have written this as a gift from me to you!

The gift I want and hope for you is a little more, of a little “big” thing, called love! ~Nisti K

Love is eternal poster

Follow an unfolding dream, maybe you’ll reach yours too!

Courtesy of: Nisti K Delgroothe
Courtesy of: Nisti K Delgroothe

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Well, you can peak in to “Nisti K News” on Facebook!

Last month, the Nisti K Delgroothe travel log was featured on this blog. It is a story of travel to the Mayan ruins and another perspective on December 21, 2012. (Nisti K’s Quest: 7 til 21)

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The Painted Picture–UARS stats and the news around us.

What is in a statistic, or piece of information ? Truth? A hidden agenda? Facts? Deceit?  It could be one, several, or all the above.

Today or tomorrow, according to NASA, bits of a bus-sized object, UARS (Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite), will fall from the sky. Some have found comfort in believing that their odds of being hit by its pieces are 1 in 21 trillion. Others have heard their odds of getting hit by spacecraft parts are 1 in 3,200.  And, many have found comfort,or discomfort, in those numbers.

What  is the truth? Both, if you believe the following NASA official’s quote:

” … according to Nicholas Johnson, NASA’s chief orbital debris scientist, any one person’s chances of getting hit by debris are tiny — something like 1 in 21 trillion. The chances that of the 7 billion people on Earth, one of them, somewhere, could be hit are more like 1 in 3,200″. (www.abcnews.go.com)

How could ‘… any one person’  be different from one ‘… of the 7 billion people on Earth’ , so much so that their odds are polar opposites?  There is obviously more to the story and different data and variables used to give those sets of odds; yet,  some people are only hearing one statistic over the other, instead of both.   Both sets of odds, when shared together, suggest a bigger story, wouldn’t you agree?  It also leads to more questions. Why are the odds drastically different? What are they based on? Etc, etc…
 But when NASA official, Nicholas Johnson,  released both pieces of information in his interview, it didn’t  guarantee that both sets of odds would be shared by every information source–print, online or spoken news, coffee pot conversations, family, or friends.
Therein lies the trickiness in using (and believing)  numbers and information–there is often  more than the painted picture, and more required for a full story. 
Asking more questions, especially before reacting emotionally, financially, or in other ways, may be in order.
Who is revealing the information/statistic? What are their sources? How do they know? Why do they believe that information? Is the statistic being used in isolation to prove a point, or, is it being used with comparable facts to show a historical trend? 
Questions that reach for more details help clarify statistics or lend credibility to information, and prove beneficial, especially now that there are fraudulent financiers, political tug-of-wars,  storytellers tossing myths and rumors in our midst, and people who paid for an opinion–fact or fiction based. 
NASA’s statistics suggest that there is a slim to none chance anyone will get hit by space junk, UNLESS the unusual happens–it breaks through orbit over land, at which point it will fall straight down to earth. (My guess is this is where the 1 in 3,200 odds ring true. But, what do I know?)

Something is falling from the sky...
 I’ll just keep my faith in the Creator of the statisticians, more than the statistics, and listen for sudden changes in the sounds of nature.  (It usually gives a fair warning to something happening in the atmosphere-storms, earthquakes,etc.) If the birds stop chirping and my dog looks up… get out of my way. I’m running for cover!


Past.Rubble.Future–Residents gather at Indianapolis’ Keystone Towers’ grounds.

Yesterday, I sat on my deck but I couldn’t focus on my assignment (quantitative analysis). It was due to the tapping that I heard– metal. Are they preparing for “her” last day? I wondered. The sound went away, but my focus drifted across the creek.

They planned to bring her down at 8:00am on Sunday.  I was scheduled to be somewhere else and share my Haiti experience with others. And I did.

I didn’t rush to her side; I knew I would see her soon enough. After lunch and errands, I picked up my dog and we went for a ride. Filled with anticipation, I turned the corner. A gasp rushed past my lips.  She didn’t look like I had expected.

Keystone Towers elevator shaft 8282011
The massive Towers were imploded and all that remained was an elevator shaft.

 Others drove by and marveled, too.  Her elevator shaft still stood, and the memories of her better days flooded my mind. I had taken that elevator up to the penthouse floor when the doorman let me in to make a delivery to a family friend.  It seemed luxurious–beautiful furniture centered in the common area, and a breath-taking view of the city. Doorman. Delivery. Family friend. Breath taking views. That was then.

An Allisonville Road resident, Steve, stood near the demolition border by me. He commented on my dog’s striking looks and then we shared memories of the Towers.  Steve agreed that Lindner’s Ice Cream was across the street and then he paused and remembered that they had  ‘great ice cream!’  They did.  

Another visitor to the demolition site.

We then recalled that Keystone Towers was a micro-city on its own– you parked your car at home, walked down the hall and got groceries, and could even take care of  personal business.  Phone company offices were there. That’s where my sister worked and I parked in the shade of the upper level’s parking deck, secured for residents.   I vaguely remember a doctor or dentist being located there too.  I try to confirm the businesses with others, but their memory is scanty.  Some thought it was too grand. And, perhaps it was. But there were businesses. Jobs. Activity. Life.

Sunday, the gray dust under my feet and the piles of concrete–pieces and slabs– jolted my memory back two weeks to the heart wrenching site of Haiti’s earthquake rubble.  

Haiti's earthquake rubble, August 2011--eighteen months after the earthquake.

Port-Au-Prince leaves you wondering: where has all the restoration money gone? People wondered the same about the Towers.

Long ago, and after a tax sale, the promise of renovation waved on  banners from her roof top, yet more broken windows and debris were the only new things found. I will never forget the evening I drove by to check for progress (I live nearby) and saw engulfing darkness broken by a brightly shining light…on an upper floor. I squinted and stared. No, it wasn’t a reflection. How could only one light be on? Why was the only light way up there? Not a trail of lights anywhere, just that light, up there. My creative mind took over and the scene for a suspenseful mystery evolved.  I drove off, never forgetting  that bright light in the midst of darkness that swallowed those who dared to come.

There are news reports that say one of the former owners of the Keystone Towers was found guilty of mortgage fraud. When the Keystone Towers fell prey to hands and lips bent toward corruption, the flow of her demise never stopped, and her grand doors gapped, unsecure, to all the negativity we hear about in her past–a shooting, drug activity, and all manner of sin.

Yet, while by her side on Sunday, I met Steve and we talked about fond memories and ice cream, and there was the couple who introduced their dog to mine. And Monday, I met another man named Stephen, and his boys-Luca and Theo.

Luca, Theo and Stephen watch the demolition of the elevator shaft.

We swapped stories and I peered over Theo’s head as they showed me their video of the snatch down of the Towers’ elevator shaft. (Thanks again for letting me share this, Stephen! Theo, I agree with you. It was coooool! Luca, thanks for being concerned that I could see the video.)

Strangers talked and shared with one another.  Others drove by. People smiled. That was Monday.

And on Monday, we all agreed, the Tower’s  site is a place with great potential. It  is already bringing strangers together in good-natured ways. The negative past is falling like the dust she stirs as more of her falls.  As the Towers resist  forces meant to destroy,  a greater sense of community builds.

On this beautiful Tuesday morning,  it was fitting that the last I saw of her was a cloud of dust. 

 I turned to take a photo of  the surroundings, and voices of women walking on Fall Creek’s trail filled the air. A black man cast his bait into Fall Creek, while an Asian man leaned against the trail’s bridge and slowly looked around. A white man, dressed in yellow and black riding gear, pedaled across the creek’s bridge. Diversity.  Recreation. No fear.

Fall Creek Greenway, located across the way from the Keystone Towers demolition site.

One can only hope that the City of Indianapolis will keep their commitment and ask for development proposals, and give the community a voice into what can become of the grounds. If the City needs help gathering ideas, I stand ready. I have already enjoyed the charm of the Keystone Towers grounds.

Are email tricksters targeting tax returns?

I decided I had to blog about a new phishing scheme I found in my email today. (It may not be new to some.)  It is circulating during the high time of tax season and I wonder if it is targeting people who are getting tax returns.

The email sender’s name, “transfers“, didn’t strike me as suspicious. It should have, but I was quickly scanning for personal emails and my eyes darted between From and Subject in my email preview. The subject line caught my attention and drew me in, particularly since I knew that the acronym ACH relates to money. ACH stands for Automated clearinghouse and is the network of computers that handles United States  electronic depository transactions–financial deposits and funds transfers.

Can you see why I went on to read the message?

The sender, “transfers“, used the subject line: “Your ACH transaction”. The email didn’t have an attachment and was somewhat convincing–no misspelled words, bears NACHA–The Electronic Payment Association logo, and included a convenient archived report of the canceled transaction.

Links are always suspect, but it wasn’t until I saw the name of the “convenient archived report” that I squinted my eyes in suspicion.  It looked like this (I changed the real numbers):

“report_1234567.pdf.exe. Self-extracting archive. Adobe PDF.”

The Adobe PDF file made it seem harmless; many use Adobe PDF files each day. 

Yet, I am grateful that I was taught that an “.exe” file means that the file is executable, which is the technical term for saying that the file will do whatever it is designed to do on your computer! Whatever! You give the file permission to serve its’ purpose when you click on it and agree to the other prompts such as “open” and “save”.  That is scary when you don’t know what the file will do! If it is meant for wrongdoing, as happens in phishing emails, that can mean financial woes or stolen identity when the file installs itself on a computer and begins to run its program.

I searched for  NACHA‘s website, but NOT by using any of the links in the email! 

Emails similar to mine were the subject of an April 22nd notice under NACHA news.  NACHA says, ‘we don’t …touch the ACH transactions…‘ and goes on to explain that emails supposedly from them are phishing schemes. They ask people to send fraudulent emails to: abuse@nacha.org.

NACHA is a legitimate organization that manages the ACH network. 

Updated antivirus software is critical if anyone makes financial transactions online.

Ruthless minds are stepping up their game to get people’s hard-earned dollars.

And I am trying to spread word of the need for caution.

Most of us work too hard for our money!

Caio! Be Safe Online!