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Mister, You messed with the wrong Grandma. Now, STOP IT!

It is with great delight that I present a spunky guest to my blog.  Print this out! Grab a cup of coffee or tea! Share this! Once you read it, you’ll know with whom to share it! Please spread the word and share online too! Enjoy!


Today has been a very interesting day to say the least.   I have had to pray several times for God to give me a forgiving heart.  I know he does but I also feel something has to be done about this problem.



At 11:21a.m. January 14, 2014 I received the following call;

I answered and someone on the line said he was my grandson… and not recognizing his voice I said “ who is this?”  The person on the phone said it’s your grandson.  I questioned who it was an additional two times pretending not to hear well.  He finally said it’s your oldest grandson  (note he never gave a name which in itself was suspicious)  So I volunteered “Is this Peter?”

And (as in the night before Christmas ) much to my surprise he answered “Yes, Grandma; this is Peter.”  (Only one problem I don’t have a grandson, son, distant relative or a neighbor named Peter.)   Needless to say I knew it was a scam coming.    Did I hang up  “No!” I had one of those moments……Lets get all the information we can in order to report this to someone who will do something about it. (Wow, I’m still trying to find that someone.)  As our conversation continued  grandson Peter said he was in Santiago to attend a funeral of his best friend,  who was there visiting his ex-wife’s family and had died.  They were burying him there (for whatever reason).  Grandson Peter had rented a car and had an accident, the airbag exploded and fractured his nose.  The real problem was he needed $1,940.00 to pay for the repair of the rental car so he could come home (what happened to airline ticket) (dump the car).  

Where was he?  His answer: the American Embassy.   He requested that I talk to Officer Chad Tanner or Tonner who would tell me what to do to pay the money he owed.  To make a long story short…..He told me to get cash only unless I was willing to use my debit card  (credit cards can be stopped) take the cash to Walmart or CVS drugstore and send it to the address he gave me.  And he spelled it out.  He said Peter was with the Nurse (didn’t know embassy had nurses) and he had not quite filled out the paper work so could I give him Peters’ full name.  I replied that his last name was the same as mine (this was when I learned he not only had my phone number but knew my last name) He replied  “ its Peter Scammer [I changed Grandma’s last name for protection] ?” Of course my reply was “un hun”.

After I received all the information he wanted to give I told him I was leaving for the bank and it would take me about 10 minutes.  And yes he called back almost every 30 minutes from 11:43a.m until 3:07p.m. (probably) to help me make the right wire transfer.  Of course I was busy that same time calling all of the following people.

Indiana Attorney General’s Office……I didn’t have a phone number nor did I send the money so there was nothing they could do.  They referred me to the Federal Trade Commission.

I called the Federal Trade Commission……They tell you up front that they do not act on individual complaints however they will take the information to enter into their data base and would like for you to participate in a survey

I also called Walmart to see if they were aware that someone was using them to accomplish a scam.  My call was not completed and I shall try again.

I will also try to contact CVS for the same reason.

I did contact the Indianapolis police department and they also said there wasn’t much they could do since I didn’t send the money but they did take note that I had been called.

There are a lot of causes I shake my head over and voice my opinion about but I usually take no action.  However it seems that few places take seniors seriously; they think we live off the government and seemly we have very simple issues.  Not true.  We are tax payers; and yes, even though we’ve paid dearly when working , if we receive Medicare we pay for it also.  (Without Medicare B very little is paid so check out what Medicare B costs.)

We don’t complain often but everyone is entitled to protection.  When we get to the age where we don’t hear quite as well and are a little slow on understanding and movement it doesn’t give those who are too lazy to work [permission] to take advantage of us.

So many of us don’t go out and don’t get information too readily but the more that is out there the better the possibility for us to hear and know.  The stores involved , the media, and our government at all levels need to do more to get the word out.   Need some idea on how to do this ask me I can help. —————–  THE END  ————————–

As many know, criminal activity (on the phone, in person, internet) is on the rise for many reasons. Help spread the word about scams to keep our friends and family safe.  Please do not assume people know what is happening. It is better to tell them and be told they already knew rather than to help wipe their tears or anger away. Be safe! And to those who scam: STOP IT! Truth IS always revealed.