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A “Nisti K” Super Bowl Analysis


For what it is worth, I offer a different type Super Bowl recap and analysis…

I enjoy football and I’d rather be at a game than watch it on TV. Watching with friends–wherever we are–is my preference! It is the relationship factor that I enjoy–people united around sports , the  ribbing of hardcore fans, the laughter and outbursts, the food, conversation, and the festivities! And… all our emotions can run their course during one game–mad, sad, glad, and scared—which only adds to the event!

Needless to say, I was excited to be invited  to a Super Bowl party and to experience the biggest day in football with friends!  Equipped with their address, I headed out with game day anticipation, my GPS,  and food in tow.

En route, my GPS went wacky–flashing at me, fading into a blur, and finally disappearing from view.  I rebooted my cellphone and  tried to access the map after I turned off  the highway exit–the first destination of my route.  I had made a mental note of the major streets I should be between but in unfamiliar territory  I relied on my GPS to show  if I was approaching those streets or not. It did not. In fact, it suggested I was going the wrong way while my car’s compass suggested I was heading the right direction.  I stopped relying on the map’s indicator and for the remainder of the trip, it was my own successful and unsuccessful sense of direction I followed–go this far east, north, south, and west.

Eventually, I arrived at my friend’s home, apologized for being so late, released GPS misdirection frustration and then asked, ‘What team territory  am I in?’  The host laughed and reassured me I would not be put out, no matter my alliance! Good! Quickly, I began to relax. The rest of the night was a blast–big fun in my friend’s house, and … a different blast on the Super Bowl field.

The Seahawks were like the other guests at my friends’ party. Despite the forecast and opposition (icy weather for party guests,… Broncos rating /Manning’s record for the Seahawks), careful footing, extra attention and skill allowed things to flow.  In general, the Seahawks and my friends’ guests experienced smooth transition to their destination and…to a celebration. Did I mention it was a Super Bowl/ birthday party?

superbowl cookie

Peyton Manning and the Broncos had an experience more like mine. Just seconds after getting started, things went awry. My GPS seemed quirky before I left home. That quick snap to Peyton led to a 12-second-into-the-game record setting score…for the Seahawks! That might have been the indicator for a time out because things didn’t flow after that. Peyton threw too high a few times–maybe it was that Seahawk blue  a foot from clobbering him; sometimes he was just a foot off mark. Blue messed me up too! The triangular blue indicator  on my GPS led me astray  and at one point erroneously suggested I was going in circles. I was not!

As for going in circles, that reminds me of some Seahawk moves. Those 360 degree player spins that took them out of the reach of the Broncos never seemed to slow in speed or momentum and paid off with touchdowns! (Wonder if that was a new training method this year?  Reminds me of ballet….hmmmm?) And Wilson’s passes were like straight line rockets right into fellow Seahawks arms. The precision was very nice!

My GPS does not mess up often, nor do players often fall right in front of their teammates who are speeding up to tackle an opponent who just caught a kickoff. But… things happen. And that is how an 87 yard kickoff return touchdown happened–a Bronco fell at  fellow players feet, stripping teammates of critical seconds to snatch and tackle  #11 , Percy Harvin.  Timing! Critical seconds were stolen by a masterful and convincing fake handoff that enabled Wilson to land the perfect pass for shorter touchdown range.  Two more 360 degree spins, and another touchdown happened. Another play here and there, and that was…GAME: Seahawks 43-8 for the Broncos!

At the party we celebrated another year of life, old friendships, and new acquaintances;  the Seahawks celebrated a HUGE win;  and  Broncos (I hope) are finding some comfort in the fact that the night wasn’t a total blow out–8 points were on the scoreboard.

As a former competing athlete I know it’s tough to regroup from a big loss. One of the challenges is to get oneself out of the “I” mode–I should have, if I played, if I would have…–and accept that the team together just didn’t have the needed flow to  win. I relied on technology to get me to the party. Peyton Manning and the Broncos relied on each other to get to the Super Bowl and win or lose, it wasn’t a solo night. No one person is to blame for a Bronco loss.

I recovered well from my awkward night’s start, and my friends and I have planned more time together, time to bond and develop our relationships. Only time will tell if Peyton and the Broncos will continue to grow as a team. They haven’t been together long at all. The  Seahawks, well, they’re most likely still on a celebratory high of the pinnacle in their relationship as a team.

And that’s why we like the big game! Sports bond us and remind us of the importance of relationships, and through sports we experience the good, the not-so-good, the highs and the lows of them. There is a lot that can be learned through watching a team, and sports often serve as powerful reminders of what like-minded people with one mission can accomplish. The most important lesson is that the “I”s in RELATIONSHIP must disappear for the elements of a powerful TEAM to appear–in friendships, marriages, corporations, and any formed team. 

The Seahawks bonded to be CHAMPS! My decades long friendship started by work associates bonding in social activities. As I help them celebrate another year in the life of their son, I consider myself part of his encouragement team.

Like the best relationships we know, it takes hard work, commitment, and teamwork for the pinnacle to appear! And congratulations are always in order once you get there!

Congratulations to Peyton Manning and the Broncos on a season that took you to the Super Bowl!

Congratulations to the Seahawks on a stellar example of how to score for a big Super Bowl win!

And finally, congratulations to Wilson on becoming the second African American quarterback to win the Super Bowl!

You may not share the same trophy, but you are certainly champs in my book! ~Nisti K