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The Mayan ruins, the Mayan calendar, December 21st 2012–a travel log by Nisti K Delgroothe

The Mayan calendar
The Mayan calendar

It is a short story–a travel log really–and you will soon be able to purchase it, enjoy the photos, and share it with your friends. Nisti K goes to a Mayan ruin to find out why everyone thinks the world will end. What she finds along the way is interesting and a great family time read. Not sure how a travel log could be used in family time? She’ll reveal that too!

Nisti K’s Quest: 7 ’til 21, is still very applicable as a good read for families! Stay tuned for more information on how you can get a copy!

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Solar flare– July 14, 2012. Images of the early morning skies.

The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.

~Psalm 19:1  The Holy Bible

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Past.Rubble.Future–Residents gather at Indianapolis’ Keystone Towers’ grounds.

Yesterday, I sat on my deck but I couldn’t focus on my assignment (quantitative analysis). It was due to the tapping that I heard– metal. Are they preparing for “her” last day? I wondered. The sound went away, but my focus drifted across the creek.

They planned to bring her down at 8:00am on Sunday.  I was scheduled to be somewhere else and share my Haiti experience with others. And I did.

I didn’t rush to her side; I knew I would see her soon enough. After lunch and errands, I picked up my dog and we went for a ride. Filled with anticipation, I turned the corner. A gasp rushed past my lips.  She didn’t look like I had expected.

Keystone Towers elevator shaft 8282011
The massive Towers were imploded and all that remained was an elevator shaft.

 Others drove by and marveled, too.  Her elevator shaft still stood, and the memories of her better days flooded my mind. I had taken that elevator up to the penthouse floor when the doorman let me in to make a delivery to a family friend.  It seemed luxurious–beautiful furniture centered in the common area, and a breath-taking view of the city. Doorman. Delivery. Family friend. Breath taking views. That was then.

An Allisonville Road resident, Steve, stood near the demolition border by me. He commented on my dog’s striking looks and then we shared memories of the Towers.  Steve agreed that Lindner’s Ice Cream was across the street and then he paused and remembered that they had  ‘great ice cream!’  They did.  

Another visitor to the demolition site.

We then recalled that Keystone Towers was a micro-city on its own– you parked your car at home, walked down the hall and got groceries, and could even take care of  personal business.  Phone company offices were there. That’s where my sister worked and I parked in the shade of the upper level’s parking deck, secured for residents.   I vaguely remember a doctor or dentist being located there too.  I try to confirm the businesses with others, but their memory is scanty.  Some thought it was too grand. And, perhaps it was. But there were businesses. Jobs. Activity. Life.

Sunday, the gray dust under my feet and the piles of concrete–pieces and slabs– jolted my memory back two weeks to the heart wrenching site of Haiti’s earthquake rubble.  

Haiti's earthquake rubble, August 2011--eighteen months after the earthquake.

Port-Au-Prince leaves you wondering: where has all the restoration money gone? People wondered the same about the Towers.

Long ago, and after a tax sale, the promise of renovation waved on  banners from her roof top, yet more broken windows and debris were the only new things found. I will never forget the evening I drove by to check for progress (I live nearby) and saw engulfing darkness broken by a brightly shining light…on an upper floor. I squinted and stared. No, it wasn’t a reflection. How could only one light be on? Why was the only light way up there? Not a trail of lights anywhere, just that light, up there. My creative mind took over and the scene for a suspenseful mystery evolved.  I drove off, never forgetting  that bright light in the midst of darkness that swallowed those who dared to come.

There are news reports that say one of the former owners of the Keystone Towers was found guilty of mortgage fraud. When the Keystone Towers fell prey to hands and lips bent toward corruption, the flow of her demise never stopped, and her grand doors gapped, unsecure, to all the negativity we hear about in her past–a shooting, drug activity, and all manner of sin.

Yet, while by her side on Sunday, I met Steve and we talked about fond memories and ice cream, and there was the couple who introduced their dog to mine. And Monday, I met another man named Stephen, and his boys-Luca and Theo.

Luca, Theo and Stephen watch the demolition of the elevator shaft.

We swapped stories and I peered over Theo’s head as they showed me their video of the snatch down of the Towers’ elevator shaft. (Thanks again for letting me share this, Stephen! Theo, I agree with you. It was coooool! Luca, thanks for being concerned that I could see the video.)

Strangers talked and shared with one another.  Others drove by. People smiled. That was Monday.

And on Monday, we all agreed, the Tower’s  site is a place with great potential. It  is already bringing strangers together in good-natured ways. The negative past is falling like the dust she stirs as more of her falls.  As the Towers resist  forces meant to destroy,  a greater sense of community builds.

On this beautiful Tuesday morning,  it was fitting that the last I saw of her was a cloud of dust. 

 I turned to take a photo of  the surroundings, and voices of women walking on Fall Creek’s trail filled the air. A black man cast his bait into Fall Creek, while an Asian man leaned against the trail’s bridge and slowly looked around. A white man, dressed in yellow and black riding gear, pedaled across the creek’s bridge. Diversity.  Recreation. No fear.

Fall Creek Greenway, located across the way from the Keystone Towers demolition site.

One can only hope that the City of Indianapolis will keep their commitment and ask for development proposals, and give the community a voice into what can become of the grounds. If the City needs help gathering ideas, I stand ready. I have already enjoyed the charm of the Keystone Towers grounds.

Earth: Is there a snow globe tilt in progress?

Most people would agree that there are a lot of strange occurrences in our world: birds falling dead from the air,  fish and animals dying, changes in animal’s navigation senses, unsettled people, and more and more significant earth events. Just last night, while my 80 pound shepherd played with my neighbor’s milk quart sized pup, my neighbor and I briefly discussed the latest world events.

“Things are just weird in the world,” she said.

I agreed.

Yesterday, after hearing more news, I wish I could have a cup of coffee with someone who knows about geomagnetics–study of the earth’s magnets–or one of the other earth sciences on high alert these days. Preferably, someone who could use simple terms to explain what we hear and see.

I’d ask: Is the earth experiencing something like the first shake of a snow globe?

Months ago, there were news reports that  Earth’s magnetic pole had shifted enough that an international airport in Florida closed temporarily. Apparently, it isn’t unusual that some runway’s landing designations must be renumbered because of the slight shifts in the earth’s magnetic poles. That is what happened in Florida. The magnetic north (what a compass points to) shifts a little because of magnetic changes in the core of Earth.

Then, the odd reports of bird and animal deaths all over the world…

Yesterday, I read a NASA scientist’s response to questions about the Supermoon phenomena, which he says is when the moon is closest to the earth in its orbit and appears larger. Apparently, when the phenomena occurs during a full moon, the moon appears very, very close to earth. Yet, what is intriguing is when they say the phenomena “should not affect the internal energy of the earth due to lunar tides… convection…and other aspects of the internal energy balance that drives plate tectonics.”

After reading article upon article, it seems each phenomena–Supermoon and magnetic pole shift–raises more questions than has answers, even for scientists.

In light of that, an article on the simultaneous occurrence of both might be extremely difficult to explain (and read!), but I am searching for it.  It should be interesting.

Yet,  one thing is for certain…

God knows what is going on!

And, when I think of what has taken place over the last few years that could be related to energy shifts, I can’t get the image out of my mind–a snow globe, getting that first little tilt, before we take a long look inside.

As for the scientific reports, because of what is happening, I won’t be surprised if I have to tap on my electronics or if my cell phone signal drops more often.  I will definitely keep my bank account balance and transactions nearby… on paper! And now that I think about it, I’d better practice capturing images in darkness so I can get great shots of God’s light set to govern the night.

The Bible has over 60 verses about the moon.


Do you suppose scientists know that God said in Holy Scripture that the moon is His faithful witness in the sky?

It is all so interesting!


Nature’s reminder for a year ahead…

My usual perkiness was chafed this morning by annoyances I thought were left in the past year, 2010.  They were back, and one of the less significant ones included my some-timey internet connection that threatens to ruin my credibility with my online instructors.  Despite a lengthy chat with the cable company the night before, we’d made no progress on connectivity and they would be coming out later in the day.

After getting up early and starting a few chores, I began opening the window blinds and meditating on my Maker. (It’s nice to share frustrations with Him!) 

I knew I needed to let the hefty concerns go and keep moving forward–there’s a lot to do and a new year ahead. As I opened the last set of blinds, something fuzzy and rust-colored whisked by.  I’ve learned to grab my camera when this happens and snatched it from its case.

Was that a …? I wondered.

As soon as the lens extended, my subject came back in sight and I snapped a photo without hesitation. It was what I thought! A fox! I got another shot when it seemed to linger in a pose.  In seconds, it darted forward, headed east, changed direction, then headed north into the wooded patch near the stream.

Excited and amazed, I looked back at what I’d captured.

Red Fox in Southwest Michigan

(Okay. It’s not the best shot. )

I  turned back to the first photo –knowing that I’d captured  action –and got a crisp, clear image of the fox’s in progress deposit- leaving break in the yard!  Eww! Wouldn’t you know… it was the best shot. (I passed on posting it.)

A giggle rose to a laugh and once again, nature reminded me of a valuable lesson:

 Drop the toxic things that have you running in circles, get moving , make sure you’re on the right path, then… forge ahead!

That’s a good enough motto (and memory) for me!

Happy New Year! ~Kerstin