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We’ve heard that  Nisti K Delgroothe is up to more than writing a memoir! Oh boy! What is Nisti K up to?



I have started a challenge that has grown faster than the subject of the challenge!

Operation Produce what you consume!

How does this work?

If you already started a garden YOU can be in the challenge!

If you are willing to plant ONE thing you  consume–fruit, vegetable, herb–YOU can join the challenge!

If you are willing to plant ONE fruit or vegetable even in a container (clay pot, milk jug, or barrel, etc) YOU can join the challenge!

Will YOU?

I see someone shaking their head! I hear someone saying they don’t  think they can do it?  Well, you won’t know until you try! Just select one item, maybe a favorite fruit or vegetable, and give it a try!

Do you need encouragement?

Let’s see if this helps >>>The picture compilation above shows the fruit and vegetables I harvested in my garden last year!

I don’t have much experience!  I did it! And I believe YOU can too (if you want to)!

Is there a sunny window in your house, condo or apartment?

Do you have a sunny area in your yard?

( One person who accepted the challenge is growing their vegetable at a relative’s house since a sunny spot for their container plant is a challenge at her apartment!)

Container garden? Yes!

Tomatoes and other vegetables can be grown in a container!

Again, the challenge is simple: produce ONE FRUIT, VEGETABLE, OR HERB you consume!

Stay tuned to the progress at:

Thanks for tuning in!

Happy planting!

~Nisti K Delgroothe


Want to be in the know? Know this!

Many people like to be …”in the know”–celebrity information, the latest scandal, who moved in or out of the neighbor, business turnovers, stock rates, …!

I confess: I like to be in the know! Learning something new is a hobby to me, and the latest “big news” I learned drove me to the blog-o-sphere!

Caution: It might make you turn up your nose or gag. And, it is said it will take something away from you.

Did that get your attention? If so, I’ll be brief.

Before I go further…

I am not a physician.

I am not a nutritionist.

I am a freelance writer who enjoys natural health methods, preventative health, and research.

I am bringing FACT to you, based on brief research on the matter.

Disclaimer over.

Remember: you might turn up your nose, gag, or say, “NO WAY!” But would you try something different for health’s sake?

Here is the fact I learned today, and verified:


Maybe you already knew! Did you? Did you spread the news? Diabetes and  pre-diabetes plagues too many of our loved ones!

‘According to the American Diabetes Association, 79 million people in the U.S. have prediabetes. People with prediabetes are five to six times more likely to develop diabetes over time. Prediabetes also increases the risk for cardiovascular disease, although not as much as diabetes does. It’s possible to prevent the progression of prediabetes to diabetes, with diet and exercise.’ (Retrieved WebMD 1/27/2014

Do you doubt my fact?

There are several natural health sites that do suggest okra can bring down blood sugar levels. For those who aren’t sure about natural health sites, I went a step further. The National Institutes on Health reports, ‘The fiber in okra helps to stabilize blood sugar by regulating the rate at which sugar is absorbed from the intestinal tract.’ (Retrieved 1/27/2014

Now that I think about it, when I went to the Bahamas, Uncle Sammy (our tour guide and a nice gentleman) did say something about people eating a plant to help reverse pre-diabetes. I don’t recall the exact food item because his accent threw me off.

But with all that noted, can you imagine the benefit of adding okra into a health eating plan!

I believe this is good news for those who are focused on healthy blood sugar levels, but not good news for those who don’t like okra because of its texture characteristics.  Since taste changes I’d suggest giving okra another try by surfing the Internet for a recipe that seems yummy and just so happens to have okra in it. I enjoy my okra in a vegetable medley. It was great today at lunch!

Oh….have I wished you a Happy New Year? Happy New Year!  Here’s to being in the know when it comes to our health!


Solar flare– July 14, 2012. Images of the early morning skies.

The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.

~Psalm 19:1  The Holy Bible

(Click post title to access page and photo slideshow of happenings in the skies during the solar flare)

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The Painted Picture–UARS stats and the news around us.

What is in a statistic, or piece of information ? Truth? A hidden agenda? Facts? Deceit?  It could be one, several, or all the above.

Today or tomorrow, according to NASA, bits of a bus-sized object, UARS (Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite), will fall from the sky. Some have found comfort in believing that their odds of being hit by its pieces are 1 in 21 trillion. Others have heard their odds of getting hit by spacecraft parts are 1 in 3,200.  And, many have found comfort,or discomfort, in those numbers.

What  is the truth? Both, if you believe the following NASA official’s quote:

” … according to Nicholas Johnson, NASA’s chief orbital debris scientist, any one person’s chances of getting hit by debris are tiny — something like 1 in 21 trillion. The chances that of the 7 billion people on Earth, one of them, somewhere, could be hit are more like 1 in 3,200″. (

How could ‘… any one person’  be different from one ‘… of the 7 billion people on Earth’ , so much so that their odds are polar opposites?  There is obviously more to the story and different data and variables used to give those sets of odds; yet,  some people are only hearing one statistic over the other, instead of both.   Both sets of odds, when shared together, suggest a bigger story, wouldn’t you agree?  It also leads to more questions. Why are the odds drastically different? What are they based on? Etc, etc…
 But when NASA official, Nicholas Johnson,  released both pieces of information in his interview, it didn’t  guarantee that both sets of odds would be shared by every information source–print, online or spoken news, coffee pot conversations, family, or friends.
Therein lies the trickiness in using (and believing)  numbers and information–there is often  more than the painted picture, and more required for a full story. 
Asking more questions, especially before reacting emotionally, financially, or in other ways, may be in order.
Who is revealing the information/statistic? What are their sources? How do they know? Why do they believe that information? Is the statistic being used in isolation to prove a point, or, is it being used with comparable facts to show a historical trend? 
Questions that reach for more details help clarify statistics or lend credibility to information, and prove beneficial, especially now that there are fraudulent financiers, political tug-of-wars,  storytellers tossing myths and rumors in our midst, and people who paid for an opinion–fact or fiction based. 
NASA’s statistics suggest that there is a slim to none chance anyone will get hit by space junk, UNLESS the unusual happens–it breaks through orbit over land, at which point it will fall straight down to earth. (My guess is this is where the 1 in 3,200 odds ring true. But, what do I know?)

Something is falling from the sky...
 I’ll just keep my faith in the Creator of the statisticians, more than the statistics, and listen for sudden changes in the sounds of nature.  (It usually gives a fair warning to something happening in the atmosphere-storms, earthquakes,etc.) If the birds stop chirping and my dog looks up… get out of my way. I’m running for cover!


Earth: Is there a snow globe tilt in progress?

Most people would agree that there are a lot of strange occurrences in our world: birds falling dead from the air,  fish and animals dying, changes in animal’s navigation senses, unsettled people, and more and more significant earth events. Just last night, while my 80 pound shepherd played with my neighbor’s milk quart sized pup, my neighbor and I briefly discussed the latest world events.

“Things are just weird in the world,” she said.

I agreed.

Yesterday, after hearing more news, I wish I could have a cup of coffee with someone who knows about geomagnetics–study of the earth’s magnets–or one of the other earth sciences on high alert these days. Preferably, someone who could use simple terms to explain what we hear and see.

I’d ask: Is the earth experiencing something like the first shake of a snow globe?

Months ago, there were news reports that  Earth’s magnetic pole had shifted enough that an international airport in Florida closed temporarily. Apparently, it isn’t unusual that some runway’s landing designations must be renumbered because of the slight shifts in the earth’s magnetic poles. That is what happened in Florida. The magnetic north (what a compass points to) shifts a little because of magnetic changes in the core of Earth.

Then, the odd reports of bird and animal deaths all over the world…

Yesterday, I read a NASA scientist’s response to questions about the Supermoon phenomena, which he says is when the moon is closest to the earth in its orbit and appears larger. Apparently, when the phenomena occurs during a full moon, the moon appears very, very close to earth. Yet, what is intriguing is when they say the phenomena “should not affect the internal energy of the earth due to lunar tides… convection…and other aspects of the internal energy balance that drives plate tectonics.”

After reading article upon article, it seems each phenomena–Supermoon and magnetic pole shift–raises more questions than has answers, even for scientists.

In light of that, an article on the simultaneous occurrence of both might be extremely difficult to explain (and read!), but I am searching for it.  It should be interesting.

Yet,  one thing is for certain…

God knows what is going on!

And, when I think of what has taken place over the last few years that could be related to energy shifts, I can’t get the image out of my mind–a snow globe, getting that first little tilt, before we take a long look inside.

As for the scientific reports, because of what is happening, I won’t be surprised if I have to tap on my electronics or if my cell phone signal drops more often.  I will definitely keep my bank account balance and transactions nearby… on paper! And now that I think about it, I’d better practice capturing images in darkness so I can get great shots of God’s light set to govern the night.

The Bible has over 60 verses about the moon.


Do you suppose scientists know that God said in Holy Scripture that the moon is His faithful witness in the sky?

It is all so interesting!


Nature’s reminder for a year ahead…

My usual perkiness was chafed this morning by annoyances I thought were left in the past year, 2010.  They were back, and one of the less significant ones included my some-timey internet connection that threatens to ruin my credibility with my online instructors.  Despite a lengthy chat with the cable company the night before, we’d made no progress on connectivity and they would be coming out later in the day.

After getting up early and starting a few chores, I began opening the window blinds and meditating on my Maker. (It’s nice to share frustrations with Him!) 

I knew I needed to let the hefty concerns go and keep moving forward–there’s a lot to do and a new year ahead. As I opened the last set of blinds, something fuzzy and rust-colored whisked by.  I’ve learned to grab my camera when this happens and snatched it from its case.

Was that a …? I wondered.

As soon as the lens extended, my subject came back in sight and I snapped a photo without hesitation. It was what I thought! A fox! I got another shot when it seemed to linger in a pose.  In seconds, it darted forward, headed east, changed direction, then headed north into the wooded patch near the stream.

Excited and amazed, I looked back at what I’d captured.

Red Fox in Southwest Michigan

(Okay. It’s not the best shot. )

I  turned back to the first photo –knowing that I’d captured  action –and got a crisp, clear image of the fox’s in progress deposit- leaving break in the yard!  Eww! Wouldn’t you know… it was the best shot. (I passed on posting it.)

A giggle rose to a laugh and once again, nature reminded me of a valuable lesson:

 Drop the toxic things that have you running in circles, get moving , make sure you’re on the right path, then… forge ahead!

That’s a good enough motto (and memory) for me!

Happy New Year! ~Kerstin