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Something to consider-Flint and lead.

Flint, Michigan. January 2016.

The marking of the year and month when many were stunned, and  some horrified to learn, without doubt, that approximately 100,000 people in Flint, Michigan had been drinking, bathing, and cooking with water contaminated with lead.

Flint demographics suggest there are approximately…

… 8,200 children under 5 years old now at risk of lead poisoning as a result of drinking water in the City of Flint.

… 23,000-24,000 young people under the age of 18 at risk for lead toxicity.

… 20,000 females in child bearing years at risk of passing on dangerous effects of lead tainted water to their unborn children.

Is there concern for the other residents? You better believe it! No amount of lead is safe for anybody!

The CDC revised their guidelines and advised in 2012 that any child with more than 5 micrograms per deciliter of lead in their blood be considered at risk. The risk? Adverse health effects in behavior, attention, academic achievement, and extending ‘beyond cognitive function to include cardiovascular, immunological, and endocrine effects.’

Am I the only one wanting to scream, “GET THE LEAD OUT!”?

While government determines  accountability and ensuring non-tainted water access continues,  decreasing the amount of lead and the effects of lead toxicity is critical, especially for the children!

No time should be wasted in decreasing lead’s looming and harmful effects.

While there are hopefully existing efforts to decrease the blood lead levels in Flint’s residents, and reduce lead’s effects, there are noteworthy nutritional changes that may help any body excrete lead. Nutritional intervention hasn’t produced enough evidence for all scientists, but there has been considerable progress. Even the CDC encourages nutritional recommendations for children with elevated blood lead levels.

I AM NOT A DOCTOR. ( Always consult with your doctor!)



I am concerned about getting the lead out!

Lead not absorbed by the body is excreted through feces, urine, and sweat (lead excretion takes place in similar concentration levels in urine and in sweat).

Chelation therapy, a medically supervised intervention, draws metals out of the body so they are excreted. It has been considered the primary treatment method, particularly for individuals with dangerously high blood lead levels.

Yet, research is rising about natural chelators that are more gentle in drawing metals out of the body.

Known natural chelators of lead are …

vitamin C, vitamin E, thiamine (B1),  folate (B9) and iron .

How do we access those natural chelators?

If you answered food and vitamin supplements you are correct!

Did you know?

Most children’s  vitamins contain the above listed natural chelators of lead in their ingredients!

Could it be said that children who take a daily multi-vitamin have a better chance of drawing lead out of their body and excreting lead, than children who don’t take a daily multi-vitamin?


Foods containing the highest levels of these vitamins include:

Guavas, kiwi, strawberries and oranges (Vitamin C).

Sunflower seeds, almonds, and dark green leafy vegetables such as spinach, collards, and swiss chard (Vitamin E).

Sunflower seeds, navy and black beans, lentils and peas (B1-Thiamin).

Lentils, beans, spinach and broccoli (Vitamin B9).

Beef or chicken livers, clams, oysters, and enriched breakfast cereals (Iron).

(There are plenty other foods high in vitamins C, E, thiamin, folate, and iron.)

Other foods and spices considered  to be natural chelators include: onions, garlic, turmeric, cinnamon, apple cider vinegar and cilantro.

Cilantro, also known as coriander and chinese parsley, has been involved in double blind placebo studies, showing phenomenal lead excretion results when combined with Chlorella, a fresh water algae. Some suggest the simple habit of adding cilantro leaves into a tossed salad helps decrease lead toxicity.

One study produced somewhat discouraging results for researchers when the cilantro (used alone) and the placebo showed similar lead excretion results in urine– attributed to  benefits of a better diet.

Remembering that no blood levels of lead are good for anyone, could it be said that children who eat meals high in natural chelators have an advantage toward drawing out and excreting lead over children who don’t eat foods known to chelate lead? Could the same be said for adults?

Could education about, access to, and consumption of more foods and meals that naturally chelate lead make a difference for people with lead in their blood?


How would we know if this works?


The CDC recommends follow up testing on children under 5 years of age in intervals of every three to four months if they test positive for lead in their blood.

An initial blood screening and follow up screenings will help determine if eating meals involving natural chelators plus taking a daily multi-vitamin with known lead chelators makes a difference for countless children, especially those in Flint.

(Since one medically supervised chelation therapy study was followed for four years, a lifestyle change of this sort would best be examined with at least a decade of study. Of course no one would suggest a placebo group for ethical reasons, so historical cases of past interventions would have to suffice in comparison.)

For many reasons, medically supervised chelation therapy is usually reserved for people with dangerously high levels of lead in their blood. No blood level of lead is safe for a child under 5yrs of age.

On the other hand, a meal of a tossed salad with cilantro, black beans, tomatoes, and chicken, served with a kiwi and strawberry fruit salad on the side contains 7 food elements known to be high in vitamins that chelate lead and could be eaten by anyone, of any age, regardless of their blood lead level.

A bran cereal breakfast also served with a cup of orange juice contains a generous amount of three to five vitamins known as lead chelators and a dinner of beans and rice served with orange juice does too!

Only the highest lead levels are targeted for treatment, therefore, many children endure the harsh effects of lead without treatment. Lead stored in the body causes damage. In adults, lead can cause high blood pressure.

What if food choices and vitamins that naturally chelate lead slowly and consistently draw out lead and help promote its excretion? Could this slow some of the damage from lead?

Whatever is done, Flint’s children will need comprehensive and supportive systems for many years to come as their bodies adjust to the effects of toxic water.

For the sake of our future generations, I pray government and citizenry alike do all we can and get the lead out!

IMPORTANT: As always, everyone should consult their doctor BEFORE making any diet or supplement changes for themselves or for their child.


neices and nephews1web1
~The silhouettes of a few of my nieces and nephews. I sit in their midst with the biggest smile! Children color our world!~



Butterflies and Wads–a candid account for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Posting until a cure is found….

[Please note: this story provides graphic detail]

She stood in the mirror and examined herself, then pushed her palms under her curls to make sure her hair fell neatly above the baby blue paper blouse. She was ready for the day and had thought through what might follow. Her mind was clear—prepared for battle or victory—or so she thought. Her eyes darted around the room. It wasn’t what she would have pictured or preferred for this event, but it was what was to be. She stood confidently and breathed deeply—inhaling and exhaling in rhythm—as she slowed her mind and body in preparation.

Knock. Knock.
“Come in,” she said in a commanding tone.

“Hello. So…are you ready?” he said.

“It depends. How was your day?”

“Today has been a great day!” he said while looking her squarely in the eyes and positioning himself in the room.

“Well, I suppose that means I am ready… but only if your day has been good.”

“It has,” he said, peering at her with eyes alike Mexican Riviera waters.

He motioned for her. She sat and leaned back.

wpid-2013-10-09_13-34-33_746.jpgThe blinding light caused her to shift her eyes from him to the butterflies that hung from the ceiling—two red, two yellow, and one blue. Pretty, but it was the odd dark spot four feet out that captured and caught her attention.

Is that a dead bug hanging from its last thread on the ceiling tile, or a tiny wad of dust? How ridiculous that I would fixate on that, she thought.

She looked back at the still, suspended butterflies, but the peculiar wad drew her interest. An abrupt shift in thought led her to reassure him there would be effortless cooperation of her body.

He sat surprised and amused by her words.

Cold sensations followed by searing pain raced through her flesh and although she had prepared herself…she moaned. She felt his skin against hers and heard him speak, but paid little attention to his words. The fuzz on his arms would have made her cringe in another context—they barely knew one another—but here it brushed her as soothing words of a kindred spirit.

The wad.

She permitted this man to invade her like no other. There was something special about how he had stood to her intellect and will; he had not defied them, but respected them and gently responded to her verbal thrusts. It was in the sport of verbal fencing that she had come to trust him. He was strong, confident, not too egotistical or authoritative, or weak. Now she wished she could look into his eyes–they had reassured her about this day, but were now focused on her flesh.

Time passed.
She could feel the effort.
Too much time passed.
He was surprised to see she sometimes watched.

The depth of his focus was silencing. She longed to chide in with witty words or questions, but his mark was in sight and she didn’t want to get in his way… or breathe too deeply.

He sensed a problem, asked her if there was pain, and before she could utter words her body told him all that was necessary. He extended comfort—a slight needle pinch—and continued.

Time lingered past her patience and expectations. He admitted the hurdle before him—he would have to reach deeper within. She felt the pulls and tugs of his insistence, but no pain, only determination. The duration caused her to become tense. She concentrated on relaxing and released her curled toes—it was the only way she could help.

The familiar sound of a haircut echoed, but it was not the matter at hand. They chuckled. Tension eased. Soon he showed her the adversary he had extracted from within. Without thought, she joked about her mother.

“My mother always told me not to swallow my gum. Now I know where it went!”

They all laughed… at her words, her sense of humor, the similarities in appearances, and at the conquest. Finally, she had been freed of the tumor.

Over and over again, she studied what she would leave behind. Tugging resumed as the surgeon stitched, helping hands wiped her, and voices reassured.

He moved on to the next room and she learned the timing of their next battle call… and possibly her next journey.

monarch1 on chest nkd
A special visit from an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail!

Most women find the lumps within their own breasts and approach the discovery and battle with an unbelievable strength, attitude, and courage that is unique to their character and personality.

According to the latest health statistics, eighty percent of breast lumps are not cancerous tumors. Yet, breast cancer is the second leading cause of death of women in their middle years—mid 30’s – 50’s. As a result, women of all ages should be aware of breast health. Any pain, changes in size, shape or appearance should be investigated and communicated with a trusted doctor. Early detection through mammography or breast self-examination is key! Awareness saves lives!

This true story was written in honor of the beautiful and brave women (and men) who have battled breast cancer. May God bless you and keep you!

Final Resting Place… A call to protect and preserve, by Nisti K Delgroothe

Before my first cup of coffee this morning I decided to get a glimpse of local and national news.  In less than a minute I swallowed the room’s air in a quick, powerful gasp because of the first headline I read.


The historic Bradshaw Cemetery in Houston, Texas was bulldozed without its owners consent and now the family is searching for answers.

I needed no more news,  only to find the answers my mind pulled for:

How could this happen? Is the cemetery visible?  Who are the owners? Why did this happen? Who is going to right this wrong?

Right the wrong.

Why would I care about someone righting a wrong at a cemetery?

A few years ago, my family buried my grandmother and in less than a year I buried my husband. My grandmother and late husband stood as a steel force in the inner circle of my life, offering wisdom, protection,  support… and joy.  I miss them dearly. Laying them to rest was one of the most trying times of my life.

There was an incident with my grandmother’s burial. I was horrified, fought for composure, and arranged my thoughts and words so that I might clearly articulate what my family needed from the cemetery to make it right. They did, and in laying my family members to rest I gained new insight and respect into laying a loved one to rest. Some of the most caring and kind people I’ve ever met work at the funeral homes and cemeteries that supported and served us.  They are needed, as this is not the time for nonsense or poor customer service.

Before my grandmother’s and late husband’s death, there weren’t a lot of funerals in my family. My dear daddy departed decades ago, and a few aunts, uncles, cousins, and family members of heart passed on, but it hasn’t seemed like there have been many funerals in my family. Even though my tears have salted cemetery grounds  I’ve never had a negative connotation about a cemetery. On the contrary, outside the throes of grief I find it a peaceful place to stroll, picking up wind blown urns and artificial flowers gone astray, thanking God for the lives and contributions of those who have come and gone, and remembering that my own life is too short for foolishness.


A cemetery marks the fate of us all. The bodies resting there made contributions to this world–some quietly, others with a visible mark.  Many consider a cemetery a sacred place. From the beginning of Scripture to its end are references to burying your dead, and around the burial act there are many cultural customs.

A careless, accidental, or intentional act of destroying a cemetery or clearing its grounds should be addressed. By whom?

According to News92 FM Houston, ‘the Bradshaw Cemetery is clearly marked on Rand McNally maps.’

According to the Law Library of Congress, the Bradshaw Cemetery is most likely protected under United States Antiquities Act of 1906 and possibly under The Historical Sites Act of 1935, The National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, The Archaeological Resources Protection Act of 1979,Texas State law, or by several of these bodies of law.

Someone needs to remind Jeremy Nellom, and the Nellom family about the laws that protect the cemetery. According to news reports, they are the owners of the cemetery. Jeremy’s grandma is buried there.

Furthermore, the Bradshaw Cemetery is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and it can be clearly found on the Texas Historical Commission map so the mishap–due to careless confirmation of details that led to a mistake, or intentional malice of a ruthless heart–is well covered by law,  a burial place in the eyes of God, and deserves to be righted its wrong.

If headstones were removed, they should be replaced. The grounds should be smoothed and restored. And, a  marker, approved by the family or the State should be erected notifying others that…

Bradshaw Cemetery is the final resting place of many who fought bravely for this country, the United States of America, and although they  were denied burial once,  their resting place will forevermore be preserved by the laws of the United States of America, the State of Texas, and the hearts of their ancestors and those grateful for their lives and service . ”

The words can differ, but the task at hand remains–right the wrong at Bradshaw Cemetery.

A call to protect and preserve burial grounds disturbed–an act of humble service~ Nisti K


We’ve heard that  Nisti K Delgroothe is up to more than writing a memoir! Oh boy! What is Nisti K up to?



I have started a challenge that has grown faster than the subject of the challenge!

Operation Produce what you consume!

How does this work?

If you already started a garden YOU can be in the challenge!

If you are willing to plant ONE thing you  consume–fruit, vegetable, herb–YOU can join the challenge!

If you are willing to plant ONE fruit or vegetable even in a container (clay pot, milk jug, or barrel, etc) YOU can join the challenge!

Will YOU?

I see someone shaking their head! I hear someone saying they don’t  think they can do it?  Well, you won’t know until you try! Just select one item, maybe a favorite fruit or vegetable, and give it a try!

Do you need encouragement?

Let’s see if this helps >>>The picture compilation above shows the fruit and vegetables I harvested in my garden last year!

I don’t have much experience!  I did it! And I believe YOU can too (if you want to)!

Is there a sunny window in your house, condo or apartment?

Do you have a sunny area in your yard?

( One person who accepted the challenge is growing their vegetable at a relative’s house since a sunny spot for their container plant is a challenge at her apartment!)

Container garden? Yes!

Tomatoes and other vegetables can be grown in a container!

Again, the challenge is simple: produce ONE FRUIT, VEGETABLE, OR HERB you consume!

Stay tuned to the progress at:

Thanks for tuning in!

Happy planting!

~Nisti K Delgroothe

Mister, You messed with the wrong Grandma. Now, STOP IT!

It is with great delight that I present a spunky guest to my blog.  Print this out! Grab a cup of coffee or tea! Share this! Once you read it, you’ll know with whom to share it! Please spread the word and share online too! Enjoy!


Today has been a very interesting day to say the least.   I have had to pray several times for God to give me a forgiving heart.  I know he does but I also feel something has to be done about this problem.



At 11:21a.m. January 14, 2014 I received the following call;

I answered and someone on the line said he was my grandson… and not recognizing his voice I said “ who is this?”  The person on the phone said it’s your grandson.  I questioned who it was an additional two times pretending not to hear well.  He finally said it’s your oldest grandson  (note he never gave a name which in itself was suspicious)  So I volunteered “Is this Peter?”

And (as in the night before Christmas ) much to my surprise he answered “Yes, Grandma; this is Peter.”  (Only one problem I don’t have a grandson, son, distant relative or a neighbor named Peter.)   Needless to say I knew it was a scam coming.    Did I hang up  “No!” I had one of those moments……Lets get all the information we can in order to report this to someone who will do something about it. (Wow, I’m still trying to find that someone.)  As our conversation continued  grandson Peter said he was in Santiago to attend a funeral of his best friend,  who was there visiting his ex-wife’s family and had died.  They were burying him there (for whatever reason).  Grandson Peter had rented a car and had an accident, the airbag exploded and fractured his nose.  The real problem was he needed $1,940.00 to pay for the repair of the rental car so he could come home (what happened to airline ticket) (dump the car).  

Where was he?  His answer: the American Embassy.   He requested that I talk to Officer Chad Tanner or Tonner who would tell me what to do to pay the money he owed.  To make a long story short…..He told me to get cash only unless I was willing to use my debit card  (credit cards can be stopped) take the cash to Walmart or CVS drugstore and send it to the address he gave me.  And he spelled it out.  He said Peter was with the Nurse (didn’t know embassy had nurses) and he had not quite filled out the paper work so could I give him Peters’ full name.  I replied that his last name was the same as mine (this was when I learned he not only had my phone number but knew my last name) He replied  “ its Peter Scammer [I changed Grandma’s last name for protection] ?” Of course my reply was “un hun”.

After I received all the information he wanted to give I told him I was leaving for the bank and it would take me about 10 minutes.  And yes he called back almost every 30 minutes from 11:43a.m until 3:07p.m. (probably) to help me make the right wire transfer.  Of course I was busy that same time calling all of the following people.

Indiana Attorney General’s Office……I didn’t have a phone number nor did I send the money so there was nothing they could do.  They referred me to the Federal Trade Commission.

I called the Federal Trade Commission……They tell you up front that they do not act on individual complaints however they will take the information to enter into their data base and would like for you to participate in a survey

I also called Walmart to see if they were aware that someone was using them to accomplish a scam.  My call was not completed and I shall try again.

I will also try to contact CVS for the same reason.

I did contact the Indianapolis police department and they also said there wasn’t much they could do since I didn’t send the money but they did take note that I had been called.

There are a lot of causes I shake my head over and voice my opinion about but I usually take no action.  However it seems that few places take seniors seriously; they think we live off the government and seemly we have very simple issues.  Not true.  We are tax payers; and yes, even though we’ve paid dearly when working , if we receive Medicare we pay for it also.  (Without Medicare B very little is paid so check out what Medicare B costs.)

We don’t complain often but everyone is entitled to protection.  When we get to the age where we don’t hear quite as well and are a little slow on understanding and movement it doesn’t give those who are too lazy to work [permission] to take advantage of us.

So many of us don’t go out and don’t get information too readily but the more that is out there the better the possibility for us to hear and know.  The stores involved , the media, and our government at all levels need to do more to get the word out.   Need some idea on how to do this ask me I can help. —————–  THE END  ————————–

As many know, criminal activity (on the phone, in person, internet) is on the rise for many reasons. Help spread the word about scams to keep our friends and family safe.  Please do not assume people know what is happening. It is better to tell them and be told they already knew rather than to help wipe their tears or anger away. Be safe! And to those who scam: STOP IT! Truth IS always revealed.

A “Nisti K” Super Bowl Analysis


For what it is worth, I offer a different type Super Bowl recap and analysis…

I enjoy football and I’d rather be at a game than watch it on TV. Watching with friends–wherever we are–is my preference! It is the relationship factor that I enjoy–people united around sports , the  ribbing of hardcore fans, the laughter and outbursts, the food, conversation, and the festivities! And… all our emotions can run their course during one game–mad, sad, glad, and scared—which only adds to the event!

Needless to say, I was excited to be invited  to a Super Bowl party and to experience the biggest day in football with friends!  Equipped with their address, I headed out with game day anticipation, my GPS,  and food in tow.

En route, my GPS went wacky–flashing at me, fading into a blur, and finally disappearing from view.  I rebooted my cellphone and  tried to access the map after I turned off  the highway exit–the first destination of my route.  I had made a mental note of the major streets I should be between but in unfamiliar territory  I relied on my GPS to show  if I was approaching those streets or not. It did not. In fact, it suggested I was going the wrong way while my car’s compass suggested I was heading the right direction.  I stopped relying on the map’s indicator and for the remainder of the trip, it was my own successful and unsuccessful sense of direction I followed–go this far east, north, south, and west.

Eventually, I arrived at my friend’s home, apologized for being so late, released GPS misdirection frustration and then asked, ‘What team territory  am I in?’  The host laughed and reassured me I would not be put out, no matter my alliance! Good! Quickly, I began to relax. The rest of the night was a blast–big fun in my friend’s house, and … a different blast on the Super Bowl field.

The Seahawks were like the other guests at my friends’ party. Despite the forecast and opposition (icy weather for party guests,… Broncos rating /Manning’s record for the Seahawks), careful footing, extra attention and skill allowed things to flow.  In general, the Seahawks and my friends’ guests experienced smooth transition to their destination and…to a celebration. Did I mention it was a Super Bowl/ birthday party?

superbowl cookie

Peyton Manning and the Broncos had an experience more like mine. Just seconds after getting started, things went awry. My GPS seemed quirky before I left home. That quick snap to Peyton led to a 12-second-into-the-game record setting score…for the Seahawks! That might have been the indicator for a time out because things didn’t flow after that. Peyton threw too high a few times–maybe it was that Seahawk blue  a foot from clobbering him; sometimes he was just a foot off mark. Blue messed me up too! The triangular blue indicator  on my GPS led me astray  and at one point erroneously suggested I was going in circles. I was not!

As for going in circles, that reminds me of some Seahawk moves. Those 360 degree player spins that took them out of the reach of the Broncos never seemed to slow in speed or momentum and paid off with touchdowns! (Wonder if that was a new training method this year?  Reminds me of ballet….hmmmm?) And Wilson’s passes were like straight line rockets right into fellow Seahawks arms. The precision was very nice!

My GPS does not mess up often, nor do players often fall right in front of their teammates who are speeding up to tackle an opponent who just caught a kickoff. But… things happen. And that is how an 87 yard kickoff return touchdown happened–a Bronco fell at  fellow players feet, stripping teammates of critical seconds to snatch and tackle  #11 , Percy Harvin.  Timing! Critical seconds were stolen by a masterful and convincing fake handoff that enabled Wilson to land the perfect pass for shorter touchdown range.  Two more 360 degree spins, and another touchdown happened. Another play here and there, and that was…GAME: Seahawks 43-8 for the Broncos!

At the party we celebrated another year of life, old friendships, and new acquaintances;  the Seahawks celebrated a HUGE win;  and  Broncos (I hope) are finding some comfort in the fact that the night wasn’t a total blow out–8 points were on the scoreboard.

As a former competing athlete I know it’s tough to regroup from a big loss. One of the challenges is to get oneself out of the “I” mode–I should have, if I played, if I would have…–and accept that the team together just didn’t have the needed flow to  win. I relied on technology to get me to the party. Peyton Manning and the Broncos relied on each other to get to the Super Bowl and win or lose, it wasn’t a solo night. No one person is to blame for a Bronco loss.

I recovered well from my awkward night’s start, and my friends and I have planned more time together, time to bond and develop our relationships. Only time will tell if Peyton and the Broncos will continue to grow as a team. They haven’t been together long at all. The  Seahawks, well, they’re most likely still on a celebratory high of the pinnacle in their relationship as a team.

And that’s why we like the big game! Sports bond us and remind us of the importance of relationships, and through sports we experience the good, the not-so-good, the highs and the lows of them. There is a lot that can be learned through watching a team, and sports often serve as powerful reminders of what like-minded people with one mission can accomplish. The most important lesson is that the “I”s in RELATIONSHIP must disappear for the elements of a powerful TEAM to appear–in friendships, marriages, corporations, and any formed team. 

The Seahawks bonded to be CHAMPS! My decades long friendship started by work associates bonding in social activities. As I help them celebrate another year in the life of their son, I consider myself part of his encouragement team.

Like the best relationships we know, it takes hard work, commitment, and teamwork for the pinnacle to appear! And congratulations are always in order once you get there!

Congratulations to Peyton Manning and the Broncos on a season that took you to the Super Bowl!

Congratulations to the Seahawks on a stellar example of how to score for a big Super Bowl win!

And finally, congratulations to Wilson on becoming the second African American quarterback to win the Super Bowl!

You may not share the same trophy, but you are certainly champs in my book! ~Nisti K

Want to be in the know? Know this!

Many people like to be …”in the know”–celebrity information, the latest scandal, who moved in or out of the neighbor, business turnovers, stock rates, …!

I confess: I like to be in the know! Learning something new is a hobby to me, and the latest “big news” I learned drove me to the blog-o-sphere!

Caution: It might make you turn up your nose or gag. And, it is said it will take something away from you.

Did that get your attention? If so, I’ll be brief.

Before I go further…

I am not a physician.

I am not a nutritionist.

I am a freelance writer who enjoys natural health methods, preventative health, and research.

I am bringing FACT to you, based on brief research on the matter.

Disclaimer over.

Remember: you might turn up your nose, gag, or say, “NO WAY!” But would you try something different for health’s sake?

Here is the fact I learned today, and verified:


Maybe you already knew! Did you? Did you spread the news? Diabetes and  pre-diabetes plagues too many of our loved ones!

‘According to the American Diabetes Association, 79 million people in the U.S. have prediabetes. People with prediabetes are five to six times more likely to develop diabetes over time. Prediabetes also increases the risk for cardiovascular disease, although not as much as diabetes does. It’s possible to prevent the progression of prediabetes to diabetes, with diet and exercise.’ (Retrieved WebMD 1/27/2014

Do you doubt my fact?

There are several natural health sites that do suggest okra can bring down blood sugar levels. For those who aren’t sure about natural health sites, I went a step further. The National Institutes on Health reports, ‘The fiber in okra helps to stabilize blood sugar by regulating the rate at which sugar is absorbed from the intestinal tract.’ (Retrieved 1/27/2014

Now that I think about it, when I went to the Bahamas, Uncle Sammy (our tour guide and a nice gentleman) did say something about people eating a plant to help reverse pre-diabetes. I don’t recall the exact food item because his accent threw me off.

But with all that noted, can you imagine the benefit of adding okra into a health eating plan!

I believe this is good news for those who are focused on healthy blood sugar levels, but not good news for those who don’t like okra because of its texture characteristics.  Since taste changes I’d suggest giving okra another try by surfing the Internet for a recipe that seems yummy and just so happens to have okra in it. I enjoy my okra in a vegetable medley. It was great today at lunch!

Oh….have I wished you a Happy New Year? Happy New Year!  Here’s to being in the know when it comes to our health!