After Indianapolis’ Trayvon Martin Rally for Justice–‘I’d rally in the rain’ could be heard.

In locations around the USA, people held vigils or rallied with calls for justice in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, a 17 year old African American Florida teenager.

Even after Indianapolis organizers ended the rally due to heavy rain, people endured the rains to display their commitment to seeing justice served.

A woman is overheard saying, ‘A man disregards the police, shoots and kills a child he followed, and goes free claiming self defense. Where is the justice in that?’

A sign suggests mothers want “Gun Sense.”

A man states the Stand Your Ground Statute, the Florida statute used to defend George Zimmerman, needs to be eliminated.

And a teenager around Trayvon Martin’s age says, ‘….if George Zimmerman isn’t held accountable for Trayvon Martin’s death, nothing will be right after that’.

It continued to rain, and protesters continued to stand. Some late arriving protesters questioned, ‘Why did it end [the rally]? I just saw other people who were trying to make their way here.’

‘I’d rally in the rain,’ said the woman standing under the tree for shelter.

‘Me too,’ said another.

It is reported by police that several hundred protesters attended the rally. There were no incidents, just calls for justice.

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