Nature’s reminder for a year ahead…

My usual perkiness was chafed this morning by annoyances I thought were left in the past year, 2010.  They were back, and one of the less significant ones included my some-timey internet connection that threatens to ruin my credibility with my online instructors.  Despite a lengthy chat with the cable company the night before, we’d made no progress on connectivity and they would be coming out later in the day.

After getting up early and starting a few chores, I began opening the window blinds and meditating on my Maker. (It’s nice to share frustrations with Him!) 

I knew I needed to let the hefty concerns go and keep moving forward–there’s a lot to do and a new year ahead. As I opened the last set of blinds, something fuzzy and rust-colored whisked by.  I’ve learned to grab my camera when this happens and snatched it from its case.

Was that a …? I wondered.

As soon as the lens extended, my subject came back in sight and I snapped a photo without hesitation. It was what I thought! A fox! I got another shot when it seemed to linger in a pose.  In seconds, it darted forward, headed east, changed direction, then headed north into the wooded patch near the stream.

Excited and amazed, I looked back at what I’d captured.

Red Fox in Southwest Michigan

(Okay. It’s not the best shot. )

I  turned back to the first photo –knowing that I’d captured  action –and got a crisp, clear image of the fox’s in progress deposit- leaving break in the yard!  Eww! Wouldn’t you know… it was the best shot. (I passed on posting it.)

A giggle rose to a laugh and once again, nature reminded me of a valuable lesson:

 Drop the toxic things that have you running in circles, get moving , make sure you’re on the right path, then… forge ahead!

That’s a good enough motto (and memory) for me!

Happy New Year! ~Kerstin


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