Not a Wii, not an IPOD, but…socks?

I am a big supporter of projects and people who make a difference and this project caused a lump in my throat.

According to the Salvation Army, the number one request at homeless shelters are SOCKS! …SOCKS? … SOCKS.  What an incredible punch in the gut that helps drive the focus to how tough life is for some and how simple our needs can become.

If only I had a pair of socks…
My feet might be warmer with socks and I could then travel to a warmer place to sleep, or stand longer in line for that interview without shifting to and fro to keep my feet warm, or walk farther to that opportunity that might change things for me.

If only I had a pair of socks…

Besides a home, many who are homeless need socks. (Does that grip any heart other than mine?)

On December 1st, a new campaign between Hanes and Salvation Army started with hopes that Hanes would beat last year’s donation goal of 100,000 pairs of socks. This year, Hanes hopes to donate 500,000 pairs of socks to Salvation Army!

If you are reading this post you can now do something to help and it will only cost you a bit of time and your public support unless you choose to do more.

If you have a Facebook account go to the Hanes page, select “Like”, and then click “Donate” on the socks program. That’s all it takes to help!

If I only had a new pair of socks…


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