The Chase is on…

Have you ever pictured yourself chasing an opportunity? What does it look like in your mind?  Is it a half-hearted jog ( like to catch the ice cream truck) or an intense sprint –like one induced by all your possessions being taken away, along with your only form of transportation.

I recently signed on to a service that provides opportunities to “meet” nearby businesses through discounted coupons. I’ve liked most of what I’ve seen promoted. One day I saw a rare opportunity! Just what I needed flashed on my email screen and the price was definitely something I could afford. My finicky side and my frugal fists stood staring at the announcement, looked at each other, and a little celebration ensued (they don’t get too many chances to party together–usually one or the other!).  I KNEW this was the opportunity for me so I said, “I’ll come back to this!”    


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Not only did my busy bee nature flit on to the next thing, but it was days before I slowed down long enough to remember the prime opportunity. Today. Sigh. So I lost out, and turn my nose up at every reminder that pops up in my day, which points to my need and how it would have been fulfilled if only I hadn’t let it walk away. Lesson learned… 

In this tough economy there are rare opportunities presenting themselves–IF we look for them.  Just this week I heard of another city offering free business space to those who are interested. FREE BUSINESS SPACE? Yes! ( If this appeals to you, check your local Chamber of Commerce or Downtown Development Authority or whoever governs the area with abundant unused commercial space. Special conditions apply.)  But…just like a bare-footed chase  doesn’t have the same chance as one in athletic gear (unless you’ve been training for this), we can’t chase opportunities unprepared. This is where other FREE  opportunities step in. Workshops and training on enhancing our education, business, resume writing, cooking–you name it and it might be available!   Just because it is free does not  mean it isn’t valuable! New learning is better than none. And, just like pennies passed by, if we’d take advantage of what is available it might add up in the end!

On that note, I’ve got to go tie up my tennis shoes! I’ve got an opportunity to chase!



P.S. If you need some help finding something, let me know!



2 thoughts on “The Chase is on…”

  1. Opportunities sometimes seem to fall in our lap, most of the time, though, you must create your own opportunities in this world. I am becoming more spiritually intune and starting to stop,think,and pray on anything in my life. This reader of your blog finds your words are like chocolate, just smooth and enjoyable every time. Keep up the good work!!

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